Pancho C. Villanueva

Pancho Villanueva is a licensed architect turned visual artist living in Manila, Philippines.  He is currently pursuing an MFA at UP College of Fine Arts.  Since 2004, he has focused on his art practice, first through abstract expressionism, and then figurative realism, eventually combining the two genres.  His work is attuned to the sensory experience, to memory and to the desires that permeate our everyday lives as we navigate shared and conflicting space.  The way the city seeps into our bones, how our past is etched onto the landscape of the body, the possibility of forgetting (for better or worse) as everything changes around us.  Much of his abstract expressionism explores contrasts in the landscape through color and composition, marking spaces of here and there from a familiar distance.  His earlier abstracts perceive the landscape as a blueprint or a map of the city, paying attention to the texture of feeling, the confluence, and the haphazard-- a reflection, perhaps, of the God-like perspective of architecture.  His figurative works attempt to reconcile this macro view with the minute details that matter.  Figures and imagery appear amid the texture and colour.  Here the whimsical and the allegorical stir awake and we find ourselves in place, made meaningful, perhaps, by our sentimentality, our humanness that perceives always in the subjective.  Currently, his practice draws inspiration from found objects, wood constructions, and other discarded materials.  These assemblage and 3D works reflect his love/longing for the environment and our relationship to place and everyday life.